DaeSang TechRoll enhances product value with our systematic organizational structure.

Sales Department
  • We carefully listen to our clients and business partners’ opinions throughout the country in order to help them choose the best option.
  • We pay much attention to issues that have been hard to process without prir knowledge in technology.
  • Moreover, we give our full support for our client’s convenience and interest.
Management Department
  • We manage general work in human resources, finance, and accounting.
  • We are in charge of sales and managing contracts. We do our best to get our work done quickly by cooperating with our clients.
Research & Development Team
  • We are making earnest efforts to provide best solutions and to secure world-leading technology through innovation and challenges.
  • Along with our research in existing module, system, and parts, we have expanded our research to create a better and more delightful residential area.
  • We aim at increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing product values.
Construction Team
  • We follow our schedule on time. After the construction, we explain our product’s function and how to use it to our clients.
  • We are committed to providing quality after-sales services.